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Choose How You Lay Your Loved One To Rest

Get personalized funeral home services in Pleasantville, NJ

Losing a loved one is an experience we all share, but it's still unique to everyone. By arranging for funeral home services at Serenity Funeral Home, you can celebrate your loved one's life and mourn their passing your own way. Our local funeral home in Pleasantville, NJ will make every effort to make your funeral or memorial service as stress-free as possible so you can focus on your family.

Whether you need to set up funeral services for a loved one or are interested in personal funeral planning to help ease your family's burden when you pass, Serenity Funeral Home can make the process simple. Call 609-383-9994 today for more information.

Wondering About Your Casket Options?

We have a full selection of caskets and cremation urns

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Why you should plan ahead

It's never too soon to consider the final services you want for yourself. When you plan your funeral service through Serenity Funeral Home, you can make financial arrangements in advance to spare your loved ones the added burden. We'll help you create a formal plan so you can make sure your wishes are respected and followed.

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Personalize your funeral service

Looking for a private service to mourn the loss of a loved one? Maybe you want to celebrate their life by gathering all of your friends and family. No matter what kind of service you want, our local funeral home can help. Our funeral home services include...

Helping you plan anything from traditional funerals and memorials to graveside and non-commemorative services

Providing caskets and cremation urns as well as formal burial and cremation services

Taking care of pre-need funeral arrangements so you don't have to worry about it in the future

You can take the stress out of funeral planning by working with our friendly staff. We'll honor your loved one with a respectful ceremony.